It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

A great pep talk in the Boston Globe about why the Red Sox still have a chance to make the playoffs. For those of you who hate flipping through the gallery format–here’s the 9 reasons:

9. History. Other recent teams have come back from a deeper hole: ’09 Twins ’08 Phillies ’07 Phillies ’04 Astros.

8. Rays are struggling. Wild card leaders have lost 6 of last 10. Two starting pitchers are on the DL.

7. Starting Pitching Sox match up with anyone in the league with their talent and depth in the game’s most important position.

6. Return of ‘Tek His offense had improved since relinquishing everyday catching. He has been out w/ injury but he will be back soon. Underestimate Sox captain’s leadership at your peril.

5. Luck. Always need some–we’ve gotten some (not trading Lowell, rookie surprises in OF) “Luck may be turning toward the city with the Shamrock.”

4. Commitment. The team hasn’t given up–why should you? Sox have scored second most runs in baseball–never out of any game.

3. Bullpen. Bard is a great set-up guy and Papelbon is a dominant closer. [Ed.–getting to the 8th is a stickier proposition]

2. Adrian Beltre He’s been a dominant offensive force for the Sox. MVP voters look kindly on strong finishers carrying teams into playoffs!

1. Dustin Pedroia is coming back! Can’t understate how important he is to the team. Hitting, fielding, grit, leadership.

Go Sox!

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