phil at work

This blog is an attempt to record my thoughts, forcing me think about issues that matter to me and to correct the typos as I go along.  What matters to me?

My family: a lovely and talented wife and three lively doggies.

Syracuse, NY: its neighborhoods, families, and culture.

Organizing: helping people with disabilities break down the societal barriers to a free and independent life.

Bruce Springsteen: and all mixtures of rock, blues, punk, R & B, soul, reggae.

Boston Red Sox baseball: heaven is located somewhere just above the Green Monster.

Central NY as seen through the eyes of someone who is an activist, a smart ass and a homebody. Welcome to my world.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi-

    I’ve followed your blog with interest since Sean Kirst wrote about local blogs last summer. I’d love to talk with you further about local politics and what I hope to accomplish as a candidate for a local office, jumping back in to the political fray 23 years after running for Congress. I’d especially like to review the sewage tratement plant issue with you. You could check out our rudimentary, development stage web site, too. http://www.tombuckel.com

    Thanks! I hope that we can talk soon!


  2. politics, springsteen, rock music…if only you wrote about basketball as well, this would be my all time fav blog. great blog, keep it going..


  3. Victoria


    I really like your blog. I stumbled upon it while doing a search for community organizing and law schools. I’m a grad student working full time in New York City and am interested in getting involved in community organizing. Any ideas for where I can start?



  4. I was wondering if you would ever consider featuring a guest post on your blog. Looking at a lot of what you do here, it would seem as if you would be able to sympathize with my cause. I am not sure if you were aware, but recently the NY Senate pushed along a bill where, if it passes in the Assembly, would legalize Mixed Martial Arts competitions in New York State. This would be a huge boon to our state economy and would provide millions in tax revenues. Right now we are one of the only states that has banned MMA fighting. If you are interested, please send me an email and I can show you the article I have prepared which states my case.




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