Crunch Time

i-ZBq6hXN-MI attended my first Syracuse Crunch game since their inaugural season in 1994. This being the Crunch’s 20th anniversary, I figured why not give it another shot! (Discount tickets from my wife’s employer didn’t hurt either.)

(photos by Scott Thomas of Views Infinitum)

I really do not know why it took so long for me to get back to a Crunch game. Hockey is a sport that is best seen in person. The game was exciting, had some scoring and was pretty well attended for a bitter cold CNY evening. I had, on the face of it, pretty lousy seats–just a couple rows from the top and closer to one end than the other. But however much the locals like to criticize the War Memorial, there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. It’s small enough that even the “nosebleed” seats give you a great view.

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Controlling Our City’s Destiny

Update 2-12-14
City of Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner announces her opposition to a OCIDA tax break for the Destiny USA hotel (and 18 year PILOT–and I’m sure the payments will go directly to defraying the costs of construction and access to the site–so absolutely no money will flow to the city or county in property taxes.)


There is no better metaphor for the Destiny USA mall and its relations with local governments and taxpayers than the smashed-up, upside down, crashed house of Wonder Works featured inside the mall.

The most troubling aspect of the recent announcement that Bob Congel and the other parasites that control Destiny USA is planning to open a new hotel that will cater to shoppers who travel long distances to the mall, is the second part of the announcement: Destiny and its owner Bob Congel will seek tax breaks from the Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency for the project.

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Bruce and the E Street Band Spring Tour In Albany!


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will play a show in Albany on Tuesday May 14th.

So the questions begin:

  • Will Tom Morello be playing w/ the band as he has on the South Africa/Australia tour?
  • How many songs from “High Hopes” will they be playing? He’s been doing up to 6 per show.
  • What is the organizing principal behind the show and its setlist?
  • Should I also try to go to the Hershey, PA show on May 15th?
  • Tickets go on sale on Valentine’s Day–will tickets to the show be enough of a gift for my wife? (Ha! Not in this lifetime!)

Here we go!

“Shovel, Shovel; Toil And Trouble.”

UPDATE Feb. 10, 2014 The Common Council defeated the proposal by a vote of 7-2.

It is no secret that Syracuse is the snowiest big city (pop. over 100K) in both NY State–and often the country. It is also no secret that with all the snow, the city’s sidewalks are often not passable for pedestrians. As a result, the low-income neighborhoods that have the lowest levels of auto ownership (and the most pedestrians) have lots of schoolchildren and seniors walking in the streets during the winter:


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Twenty Years Ago . . .

Twenty years ago today, I took a job that changed my life.

Thrown For A Loss

boycott-nfl-nba I hate pro football. There, I’ve said it. It may be America’s favorite sport, but it just pisses me off. This is a feeling that has been growing for quite some time–and I used to be the kind of person who would watch pro football on Sundays from noon until 7 PM and then detox the next day w/ Monday Night Football. But this was when I was in my teens, before ESPN, sports-talk radio and the internet turned sports into a 24-hour/day pastime.

I’m not an anti-sports person. I find my ire directed solely at the NFL and its enablers. I can’t wait for the Red Sox to get to spring training, for the NBA playoffs, for Syracuse University to make a deep run and potentially win the NCAA college basketball tournament. But I’m not going to watch the Super Bowl.

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