Are You Kidding Me?

The latest tiff in the Democratic Presidential Primary, whether Bernie made a sexist comment and whether Liz lied about the thing is EXACTLY why I always hated to do political organizing.

This kind of bullshit carping about made-up, stupid issues that have no effect on people’s lives irritates me to no end. And then to see friends–well-intentioned and good-natured in their real lives–all pile on and parrot one side or another’s conspiracy-addled talking points is just sad and dispiriting.

The end result is no organizing and no change. And that’s what the right-wing trolls and hackers want. I was all in for Bernie in 2016 and I’m all in for Liz in 2020–but arguing over the names on the placecards seems pointless. All we need is a win by any of the current Dem. candidates (yeah even Joe) combined with a four seat win in the Senate (not impossible) to give us control of the agenda once again.

None of these candidates are saviors, they are human and each has glaring faults. It’s up to all of us to organize for change and keep the pressure on–for action on real issues, real concerns– not made-up political gameplaying bullshit.

To mis-quote Jay-Z–“I’ve got 99 problems/ but the eventual Dem. candidate ain’t one.”

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