The Kirst Curse? Snowmaggedon ’10

As everyone around here knows, Syracuse has been a (blizzard hellhole) winter wonderland the past few days--we're up to 43 inches, setting many records along the way for amount of snow. This is nothing new to CNY. For the past few years Syracuse has won the Golden Snowball, a competition for the most snow amongst … Continue reading The Kirst Curse? Snowmaggedon ’10

Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins Really Dislikes Syracuse

Posted via email from syruckus's posterous Sally Jenkins is a talented sportswriter, having written for Sports Illustrated and now for the Washington Post. She was also the writer of Lance Armstrong's as-told-to bestseller "It's Not About The Bike." She was in Syracuse on Monday to watch Washington National-to-be phenom Stephen Strasburg pitch for the Chiefs … Continue reading Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins Really Dislikes Syracuse