On Conflict

“The organizer’s job is not to create conflict, but to expose the conflict that already exists. Conflict exists any time a landlord fails to maintain his property but collects rent, any place where children pass a drug house on the way to school and on and on. When this conflict is exposed it creates a … Continue reading On Conflict

Shel Trapp Wants You!

Shel Trapp Wants You Originally uploaded by Phil At Sun A 1995 profile in the Chicago Tribune entitled "Here Comes Trouble", attempted to explain what made Shel Trapp tick: "What keeps Trapp going is an irrepressible, restless anger. 'I wake up in the morning and I'm angry. I'm angry that people are getting screwed over … Continue reading Shel Trapp Wants You!

R.I.P. Shel Trapp: Organizer, Mentor, Hellraiser

Update: Obituaries for Trapp in the Chicago Tribune and in the Chicago Sun-Times Dear Showdown in America and NPA Family, I am deeply saddened to announce that our co-founder and agitator-extraordinaire, Shel Trapp, passed away from complications with pneumonia yesterday. He was 75. He leaves behind his loving family, wife Anne, daughter Kathy, son Rollie, … Continue reading R.I.P. Shel Trapp: Organizer, Mentor, Hellraiser