Going To N.P.A. This Weekend . . .

. . . and in the words of the Dropkick Murphy's--we're gonna take the bastards down! National People's Action: Holding banks accountable for the fraud that crashed our economy. Stopping the bank redlining of low-income neighborhoods--predatory lending for us, prime loans for the rich. Ensuring that public housing is strengthened and improved--not dismantled. Negotiating a … Continue reading Going To N.P.A. This Weekend . . .

A Proud Member of National People’s Action

It's been an N.P.A. kind of week at work and in the media. We had a very successful training with some of our newest leaders, facilitated by James Mumm--director of organizing for National People's Action. The focus of the meeting was organizing: how leaders can help recruit new members, strengthen the organization and win on … Continue reading A Proud Member of National People’s Action

I’m A Thug!

The right-wing response to the community organizer backlash against the Republicans is in full swing. One such effort really made my day. This is how Investors Business Daily (IBD) characterized National People's Action, a national organizing network that counts SUN as a dues-paying member: "National People's Action, or NPA, a particularly thuggish group of Alinskyite … Continue reading I’m A Thug!