The Obama Presidency: Hope Deferred

I'm one of those people incessantly wringing their hands about President Obama's performance since his election. I was an early and fervent supporter, publicly endorsing him in January of 2007 in a post entitled: "He's Ready, Why Wait? Obama in '08!" My top reason was explicitly clear: National politics isn’t always relevant to our everyday … Continue reading The Obama Presidency: Hope Deferred

Liberté, Partialité, Perplexité (The Accelerated Culture)

The national motto of France, coined during the French Revolution, is "liberté, égalité, fraternité" (liberty, equality and brotherhood.) My post's title is a suggestion for the state of modern American politics: liberty, partisanship, bewilderment. The conventional wisdom of current American politics is that the increasingly partisan parties on both sides have left a sizable number … Continue reading Liberté, Partialité, Perplexité (The Accelerated Culture)

“Community Organizers Are The New Oilmen.”

Great article in the Washington Post recently about the effect that Barack Obama's election has had on community organizers. That "hope" that Obama kept talking about seems more realistic now, especially for organizers toiling in the trenches. All I know is that the annual convention for the organizing network that my neighborhood organization belongs to … Continue reading “Community Organizers Are The New Oilmen.”