I Call Bullshit!

I generally respect Robert Seidenberg and Karen Decrow, both of whom have fought tirelessly for the civil rights of women in our society. But I have never read such unadulterated codswallop as their letter to the editor entitled "Like former President, boys lacking in literacy" published in the Post-Standard on Wednesday July 29th: To the... Continue Reading →



I just finished reading "Clemente: the Passion and Grace of Baseball's Last Hero" by David Maraniss. He has written prior sports books on Vince Lombardi and the 1960 Summer Olympics, as well as a masterful biography of Bill Clinton: "First In His Class." This book provides just as marvelous insights into the character and career... Continue Reading →

Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu

The novelist John Updike passed away yesterday. I liked the Rabbit books for which he is justly honored. However, he also wrote one of the the best essays ever on baseball, his chronicle of Ted Williams' last game with the Red Sox and his home run in his final at bat: Hub Fans Bid Kid... Continue Reading →

R.I.P. David Foster Wallace

Ok, I never read Infinite Jest, but at over 1,000 pages I'll bet a lot of folks who think of themselves as bookworms didn't read it either. What I loved was the non-fiction stuff of David Foster Wallace that I ran across in many different formats--mostly in magazines or on the 'Net. I'm going to... Continue Reading →

So You Want To Be A Community Organizer

So you’ve been inspired by the Obama campaign (and abhorred by the Republican slanders) and you have decided you want to become a community organizer. What better job in the world can there be than helping others change their world? However, most people don’t really have an idea about what organizing is and how they... Continue Reading →

Babylon By Bus

No, not the live album by Bob Marley (with the cool map graphic on the inside album sleeve showing a Syracuse tour date). This is a book by Ray Lemoine and Jeff Neumann about their experiences in "Mission Accomplished-era" Iraq. Check out this cool excerpt from Outside magazine Two young guys in post-war, early occupation... Continue Reading →

Tolkien Reading Day

I ain’t tellin’ no lie. Mine’s a tale that can’t be told, My freedom I hold dear; How years ago in days of old When magic filled the air, ‘Twas in the darkest depths of Mordor I met a girl so fair, But Gollum, and the evil one crept up And slipped away with her.... Continue Reading →

Reading Is Revolutionary

A new survey by the National Endowment for the Arts finds that fewer Americans are reading serious literature. I have always been an avid reader, the summer trips to the library being a highlight of my childhood. Even though I find it hard to believe, my mother used to insist that the first book I... Continue Reading →

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