“Would You Rather” Book Tag Tour

My friend Mitch Mitchell of the Syracuse Wiki (among other blogs) tagged me in one of those blogger challenges. This one was about reading--so I jumped on it! I'm supposed to tag other bloggers--although several of the folks I read regularly already seem to have been tagged. So, if you want to do this--feel free!... Continue Reading →


List-o-mania: Rock Books edition

This is starting to look like trouble. I hope I don't have to write up a blog post for every damn list that pops into my head. But here's another one. I saw a little video piece online where Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers describes his 5 favorite books about rock 'n' roll. Now... Continue Reading →

Wise Blood

Well, the list of 12 books that I promised to read by December 31st, 2011 is now down to 10! I've certainly jumpstarted my reading this year, by putting in a selection of memoirs, travel books and the latest novel by my favorite author William Kennedy (the most recent edition of his Albany Cycle.) That... Continue Reading →

The Fortress of Solitude

I've finally finished my first book in the 2011 "To Be Read" pile challenge: "The Fortress Of Solitude" by Jonathan Lethem. It's hard to express how much of an impression this book made on me--"Fortress" is one of the most interesting and arresting books that I have ever read. For a long while the book... Continue Reading →

What It Takes

Usually I blog about books AFTER I've read them, but my copy of What It Takes by Richard Ben Cramer has an interesting back story. Since the book is over 1,000 pages long and has landed on my doorstep while I'm right in the middle of several other books I'm attempting to read in my... Continue Reading →

10 Influential Books (For Me Anyway)

The right wingers, albeit some of the more thoughtful ones, are engaging in a bit of a blog meme at the moment--10 books that have influenced their world view. Can't let the lefties get cut out of all the fun. Small Is Beautiful-- E.F. Schumacher This series of essays on appropriate technology, ordering production to... Continue Reading →

On Newspapers

I've always been a newspaper person--I might have given up the coffee, but Sundays aren't complete without a thick newspaper and a bagel. However, I'm not immune to the lure of the web. During the week, I will probably get more of my news online than on newsprint. My twitter account (which I have mostly... Continue Reading →

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