For those wintry nights beside the fire . . .

I've started a winter reading list of actual books--paper sandwiched between covers, on a few I even sprung for the hardcover! I will keep you up to date on my progress and review the ones I've finished. Keep on Reading In The Street!


“Would You Rather” Book Tag Tour

My friend Mitch Mitchell of the Syracuse Wiki (among other blogs) tagged me in one of those blogger challenges. This one was about reading--so I jumped on it! I'm supposed to tag other bloggers--although several of the folks I read regularly already seem to have been tagged. So, if you want to do this--feel free! … Continue reading “Would You Rather” Book Tag Tour

Wise Blood

Well, the list of 12 books that I promised to read by December 31st, 2011 is now down to 10! I've certainly jumpstarted my reading this year, by putting in a selection of memoirs, travel books and the latest novel by my favorite author William Kennedy (the most recent edition of his Albany Cycle.) That … Continue reading Wise Blood