I’m Feeling The Bern In The NY Presidential Primary

Bernie does right thing


I’m doing the right thing and voting for Bernie tomorrow in the New York primary–first time since 1992 that my vote will have any impact on the eventual Democratic Presidential nominee! Come to think of it, I voted against a Clinton back then, too!

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Bill Clinton, Hillary’s Campaign and #BlackLivesMatter


Former President Bill Clinton’s “spirited defense”  of his 1994 Crime Bill and his record on civil rights during an event for his wife’s Presidential campaign was inspired by either his ego or as a calculated effort at appealing to white voters that Hillary’s campaign is currently not attracting.  In either case, it was a misstep–one that the Clinton’s are already walking back.

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Controlling Our City’s Destiny

Update 2-12-14
City of Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner announces her opposition to a OCIDA tax break for the Destiny USA hotel (and 18 year PILOT–and I’m sure the payments will go directly to defraying the costs of construction and access to the site–so absolutely no money will flow to the city or county in property taxes.)


There is no better metaphor for the Destiny USA mall and its relations with local governments and taxpayers than the smashed-up, upside down, crashed house of Wonder Works featured inside the mall.

The most troubling aspect of the recent announcement that Bob Congel and the other parasites that control Destiny USA is planning to open a new hotel that will cater to shoppers who travel long distances to the mall, is the second part of the announcement: Destiny and its owner Bob Congel will seek tax breaks from the Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency for the project.

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Obama’s Electoral College Math

Figures on percentage support of each candidate by state taken from FiveThirtyEight blog.

Solid Obama (90%+ support) 19 states (incl. DC) 237 Electoral College votes

Likely Obama (between 75% and 90% support) 2 states 16 Electoral College votes
NV (76%), WI (82%)

Leaning Obama (Less than 75% support) 5 states 50 Electoral College votes
Colorado (52%), IA (67%), NH, (67%), OH (74%), VA (53%)

All Obama Support: 25 states and D.C. 303 Electoral College votes
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Keep Calm and Read FiveThirtyEight

Four years ago, amidst all the hope and change hoopla, the selection of Sarah Palin for the vice presidential slot on the GOP ticket created some media coverage, a jolt of enthusiasm (and some nasty racist bloviating at rallies) and a small blip upward in the polls for John McCain. The folks on the blue side of the ledger started to panic. I counseled them at the time that “No-Drama Obama” was not in any way imperiled and the election was in the bag. This year, the election versus Romney will likely be closer and consequently my Democratic friends are fretting again.

“Hey, guys: (in the non-gender California sense of the word) things are looking good, don’t get your knickers in a twist!” Here’s a couple of reasons why:
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List-o-mania: Syracuse Politician Edition

The English novel (and American movie) High Fidelity’s array of top five lists perfectly captured the obsessive nature of modern fanboys: “What really matters is what you like, not what you are like.” I may or may not be a fanboy of many different things, but I definitely love me some lists! And since I’m also a political geek, the list I stumbled across today was guaranteed to pique my interest.

As part of a Post-Standard article looking at the state and national leadership roles of Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner (and speculating about future possible offices for which she may run), the paper ran a sidebar piece where the Mayor made a list of the top 10 most influential and progressive leaders in government. She made her list alphabetical–no ranking other politicians (cause they have pretty thin skins.) Continue reading “List-o-mania: Syracuse Politician Edition”

Me For Lee!

I made it into the newspaper this morning–if anonymously. In the annual story on the silly write-in ballots during the November elections, it was discovered that: “The late Lee Alexander, a former Syracuse mayor who spent time in prison for corruption, received a vote for county executive.”

That was my ballot. I voted the straight crime ticket on the three big Onondaga County races that were uncontested–also voting for Bernie Madoff for County comptroller and Sal Piemonte (the local lawyer frequently in his own legal trouble) for District Attorney.

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