Are You Kidding Me?

The latest tiff in the Democratic Presidential Primary, whether Bernie made a sexist comment and whether Liz lied about the thing is EXACTLY why I always hated to do political organizing. This kind of bullshit carping about made-up, stupid issues that have no effect on people's lives irritates me to no end. And then to … Continue reading Are You Kidding Me?

I’m Feeling The Bern In The NY Presidential Primary

  I’m doing the right thing and voting for Bernie tomorrow in the New York primary–first time since 1992 that my vote will have any impact on the eventual Democratic Presidential nominee! Come to think of it, I voted against a Clinton back then, too! It seems like I usually support the insurgent candidates over … Continue reading I’m Feeling The Bern In The NY Presidential Primary

Bill Clinton, Hillary’s Campaign and #BlackLivesMatter

  Former President Bill Clinton's "spirited defense"  of his 1994 Crime Bill and his record on civil rights during an event for his wife's Presidential campaign was inspired by either his ego or as a calculated effort at appealing to white voters that Hillary's campaign is currently not attracting.  In either case, it was a misstep--one that the … Continue reading Bill Clinton, Hillary’s Campaign and #BlackLivesMatter