Please Help Apollo & Cirrus

Happy Update: August 26th: New Home! Thanks to helping Hounds and a lovely family--Apollo and Cirrus will get a new home and get to stay together! These two sweet and lovely doggies were, until this morning, my neighbors. Unfortunately, due to the illness and relocation of their human companion, they are both in need of … Continue reading Please Help Apollo & Cirrus

Apple Tree

My wife and I planted this apple tree in the front yard of our Thurber St. house. We planted it in 1999, to replace the huge pine tree that we lost in the 1998 Labor Day tornado/derecho. We had only lived in the house for 3 weeks before the storm, so the plantings that next … Continue reading Apple Tree

Blogging In Syracuse 2013: The Gems Among The Ishikoro

In the past, I've posted about the decline in the number of bloggers in Syracuse writing about our community (as opposed to national politics, Justin Bieber or "10 ways to get rich quick.") The Japanese refer to abandoned blogs as ishikoro--pebbles. Since 2010 and the near-death experience of losing NYCO's Blog, the acknowledged hub of … Continue reading Blogging In Syracuse 2013: The Gems Among The Ishikoro