Bruce and the E Street Band Spring Tour In Albany!


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will play a show in Albany on Tuesday May 14th.

So the questions begin:

  • Will Tom Morello be playing w/ the band as he has on the South Africa/Australia tour?
  • How many songs from “High Hopes” will they be playing? He’s been doing up to 6 per show.
  • What is the organizing principal behind the show and its setlist?
  • Should I also try to go to the Hershey, PA show on May 15th?
  • Tickets go on sale on Valentine’s Day–will tickets to the show be enough of a gift for my wife? (Ha! Not in this lifetime!)

Here we go!

Think Differently

Like all New Yorkers, I’ve been bombarded by the new ads for the Lottery, promoting their scratch off games with the tagline: “What would you think about, if you didn’t have to think about money?”

The longtime advertising agency for the Lottery has a sure and humorous touch:

But the Lottery is not just “a dollar and a dream.” It’s a massive commercial undertaking. The Lottery spent $90 million in advertising last year to drum up business. As a result, New Yorkers bought $8.9 billion in lottery tickets–and received $4.2 billion in payouts. The Lottery contributed slightly over $3 billion to the NY State education budget–about 14% of all money spent on the state’s public schools.

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Did You Miss Me?


While I might not have been actually filming my blog, I’ve been in a Tumblr/Facebook-induced blogging stupor. Playing with the pretty pictures and reblogging other people’s memes and profundities got the best of me this year. But I’ve actually missed stringing words together and making cogent arguments on real (or imagined) issues of import.

So, I’m going to do a better job of hacking about on this site this year. I’ve been inspired by this nice piece by Stef Lewandowski entitled “Higher Resolutions,” posing the question: “can you commit to doing something everyday in 2014?” The author makes a case for dropping the annual rite of creating a long list of resolutions to achieve, and instead attempt to cultivate a habit or two throughout the whole year.

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Apple Tree

My wife and I planted this apple tree in the front yard of our Thurber St. house. We planted it in 1999, to replace the huge pine tree that we lost in the 1998 Labor Day tornado/derecho. We had only lived in the house for 3 weeks before the storm, so the plantings that next spring were really the first touches we put on our house–other than the fence we put in for the dogs the first week we moved in.

Unfortunately, two recent severe thunderstorms damaged the tree beyond survival–and we were forced to take it down. My wife and brother-in-law were the brains of the operation–I pulled camera duty and lugged fallen branches to the curb.

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