Say Their Names

Elaine Wilson and Lois Curtis Say their names: Lois Curtis and Elaine Wilson. History has kept these women shrouded in obscurity, but for people with disabilities they are heroes and freedom fighters. These two brave women, were the plaintiffs in a legal case against the state of Georgia. The state fought to keep Lois Curtis … Continue reading Say Their Names

Playlist: The Time of Our Time

A playlist of tunes I tend to dig up when I'm not quite sure of what my place is in the general scheme of things. As I start to dig into my seventh decade, these songs really speak to me. Bruce Springsteen: “Western Stars” The Band: “It Makes No Difference” Steely Dan: “Midnite … Continue reading Playlist: The Time of Our Time

Trump’s FY 2020 Budget: “Kill, torture and destroy–just keep my taxes low.”

Proposed Fiscal Year 2020 Budget of the U.S. Government In the beginning of March, President Trump submitted his proposal for a FY2020 Federal Budget. As has been the case with his prior two proposed budgets they: Call for massive cuts to all discretionary spending on social services ANDAre immediately declared irrelevant. Trump's budgets do not … Continue reading Trump’s FY 2020 Budget: “Kill, torture and destroy–just keep my taxes low.”

Memo: re the solar eclipse

Date: 8/21/17 To: All madmen, drummers, bummers, Indians in the summer, teenage diplomats, all-hot half-shots, fleshpot mascots, young Scotts with a slingshot, bloodshot forget-me-nots, brimstone baritone anti-cyclone rolling stone preachers from the East, new-mown chaperones, fresh-sown moonstones, silicone sisters, manager's misters, Go-Cart Mozarts, Early-Pearlies, hazards from Harvard, backyard bombadiers, dudes with a calling card, shooting … Continue reading Memo: re the solar eclipse