“We Have To Get Scary”

I recently came across a quote from one of the leaders of a grassroots group in Pittsburgh that organizes to make sure that any public tax benefits to private corporations come with a Community Benefits Agreement (C.B.A.) These agreements guarantee that the projects receiving civic largesse will provide in return jobs for low-income residents, environmental … Continue reading “We Have To Get Scary”

Admitting There Is A Problem

Today, I attended a public Board of Directors meeting of the Greater Syracuse Property Development Corp., more informally known as the Land Bank. The Land Bank is foreseen as a way for the city and county to jointly manage the increasing number of vacant and abandoned buildings in our neighborhoods. These vacant houses have created … Continue reading Admitting There Is A Problem

Syracuse, Bruce Springsteen & Community Organizing.

OK--What do Syracuse, Bruce Springsteen and community organizing have in common? Me! SUN is a member of National People's Action, one of the main organizations behind the 99% Spring. This coalition is sponsoring a massive nationwide training on non-violent, direct action protest. I'm helping to put this training on in Syracuse. Bruce Springsteen lent the … Continue reading Syracuse, Bruce Springsteen & Community Organizing.

“There’s No Better Time To Believe In Justice Than Right Now!”

Stephen Lerner from SEIU (the guy who helped create the brilliant Justice For Janitors campaign) gave a keynote address at the 11th anniversary dinner of Grass Roots Organizing in Missouri--a kick ass group that is, like SUN, a part of National People's Action. Check out the last part of this speech if you need a … Continue reading “There’s No Better Time To Believe In Justice Than Right Now!”

Prosaic Politics During Revolutionary Times

OK, we're all probably being a little too dramatic about the possibilities of Occupy Wall Street, but damn if it isn't inspiring. THE media story of the moment is now about economic inequality, not budget cuts and austerity. That alone is a victory. Anti-bank activists have been fighting some of these same battles since post-World … Continue reading Prosaic Politics During Revolutionary Times