Organizing My Fat Self

I'm a community organizer. The shibboleth of community organizing is "educate, agitate, organize." Lay out the reasons behind the problem, get people pissed off about it and then work together to change the situation. It's the opposite of social work, a field of work that identifies personal problems to correct rather than the "powers-that-be" that … Continue reading Organizing My Fat Self

“So, What Do We Know?”

A friend of mine, someone I hadn't seen in awhile, commented on a Facebook posting of mine today. He asked how things were going in Syracuse, and since he has labored as an organizer, I laid the typical, world-weary organizer rap on him as a reply: Things are limping along in Syracuse--more poverty than ever … Continue reading “So, What Do We Know?”

Syracuse, Bruce Springsteen & Community Organizing.

OK--What do Syracuse, Bruce Springsteen and community organizing have in common? Me! SUN is a member of National People's Action, one of the main organizations behind the 99% Spring. This coalition is sponsoring a massive nationwide training on non-violent, direct action protest. I'm helping to put this training on in Syracuse. Bruce Springsteen lent the … Continue reading Syracuse, Bruce Springsteen & Community Organizing.