Fortune Cookie Wisdom

OK, they may be little more than bite-sized nuggets of pop philosophy.  The market may be dominated by a single company from Long Island–whose owner writes all the fortunes. Nonetheless, I believe in fortune cookie wisdom!

I used to love trying to pronounce the “Learn Chinese” phonetic word on the back–until the fortunes I get (because I almost always go to the same restaurant) decided to put an ad for additional fortunes on the back. I don’t play the lottery–but I loved the fact that the Powerball Lottery investigated what they thought was fraud a few years ago, only to discover that a whole bunch of people got the same fortune cookie with the same lucky numbers on the back–and they all played them in the same order!

I believe so strongly in fortune cookie wisdom for a single fortune I received many years ago. I first met my wife when we both worked in the same insurance company office–and in fact, sat at adjacent desks. Friendly colleague banter led to stronger feelings on my part–but I was hesitant to be more forward.  Then I got the following fortune cookie:


This led to our first date–and the rest is history. Fortune cookie wisdom, indeed.



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