There’s A Syracuse Walk of Fame?

Who knew? It was started and discontinued years ago when Frank Malfitano was the director of the Landmark Theatre. Supposedly, there are even stars on the sidewalk down there on S. Salina. Well, the newspaper decided to start up a conversation about the 100 most famous Syracusans. You can see the list by clicking on the hyperlink.

I have a lot of questions about the list–and all of them boil down to a few basic questions:

1) When is a person really “connected” to CNY–and when are we just yokels grasping at any famous person’s pants leg or hemline? ie: the Tom Cruise at #1 pick. Cruise was born here–but spent little time here.

2) The S.U. question–we could fill the entire list with those, but how many folks who matriculated up on The Hill are worthy to be called one of us–especially those who did little here to evince any talent other than hanging at Chuck’s (or the Orange for you older folks.)

3) Do you belong on a Syracuse Walk of Fame if you came from a town or went to school in Madison, Cortland, Cayuga, Tompkins or Oswego counties? The answer varies. ie: Jerry Seinfeld only spent two years here as an undergrad at Oswego–I say no. Ronnie James Dio born/raised in Cortland–definitely belongs!

4) Are some of these people really famous? Tiffany Pollard? Kelly Cutrone? Dylan Baker?

5) I thought your guidelines threw out jocks? So why are Carmelo and Boeheim on the list? I hate Tim Green, but he has written books and had a non-sports TV show.

I think the following folks on the list DO NOT belong–for one of the above reasons:

Tom Cruise, Carmelo Anthony, Alec Baldwin, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Boeheim, Kevin James, Mike Tirico, Sean McDonough, Dick Stockton, Alan Gratzer, Broken Lizard, Joanna Cassidy, Gym Class Heroes, Lisa Lampanelli, Rory Cochrane, Tim DeKay, Tiffany Pollard, Jay Harrington, Gloriana, Paul Lieberstein, Vera Farmiga, Dylan Baker, Pete Yorn, Schubert brothers, Dave Mirra, Neal McDonough, Michael Cole, Pete Dominick, Johnny Messner, Zane Lamprey, Megyn Kelly, Reid Scott, Matt Hammil, Kelly Cutrone, Darin Morgan

I have identified these folks that ought to be included:
Delmore Schwarz, Garland Jeffries, Earth Crisis, Henry Grethel, Bradley Walker Tomlin, Raymond Carver, Mary Karr, Jay McInerney, Hayden Carruth, Tess Gallagher, Thommie Walsh, Steven Crane, Shirley Jackson, Tom Perrotta, Cheryl Strayed, Peter Weller, Marty Glickman

And one final question–in what universe is Al Roker more famous than Richard Gere?

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