Social Media Is Stronger Than Any Bully

Renee, who writes the Bendiful blog has done a lot for blogging in CNY–in addition to her blog on fitness, parenting and other issues, she has helped organize the CNY Bloggers Group helping folks who toil in the virtual fields to come out of the shadows of their monitors and meet up in real life.

Unfortunately, Renee’s blogging opened her up to a horrendous case of bullying recently. Yep, bullying isn’t just for the schoolyards anymore. Some bullies grow up and start gyms and try to continue their bullying ways.

Read the hyperlink for Renee’s experiences. I’m asking bloggers in CNY to add their comments to her blog post in support of Renee–and to point others in the same direction. As is usually the case, Mitch Mitchell from the I’m Just Sharing blog is leading the way on this–with both a blog post and video!

Oh, and by all means–tell everyone that the owner of Saltfit gym in Skaneateles is a completely arrogant punk and that no one should ever patronize the establishment.

3 thoughts on “Social Media Is Stronger Than Any Bully

  1. Thanks for the share & for helping out Phil. Man, I hate bullies so much and I wonder if he’d have pulled this same mess on you or me.


  2. I’ve read Mitch article and have seen the video previously. Definitely social media can overpower any other media and information is spreading much faster.


  3. Hi Guys! Just reading this article after doing some research on SaltFit! I am the NEW owner as of February of 2014 and have of course heard all of the horror stories from the previous manager. Thankfully we have a completely different approach to health and wellness and would LOVE to distance ourselves from that previous stigma. Since buying the struggling gym in February, we have changed the entire facility, program offering, coaching staff and have grown tremendously to become a HUGE part of the Skaneateles community and invite anyone to come visit and explore. Thanks very much and hope to see everyone and change the OLD reputation. Thanks!


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