List-o-mania: Favorite Bruce Springsteen Songs

Two intrepid Bruce fans (“Tramps”) from the U.K. decided to get 1,000 fellow acolytes from the Church of Bruce to answer the age old question: “what’s your favorite Bruce song?” This led to a survey on the discussion board of the popular Bruce site/magazine Backstreets. The result is the All Time Top 100 Bruce songs list. (h/t to Josh Shear for this!)

To compile the list, fans were asked to list their Top 20 songs. These are mine–with the Backstreets rating noted after.

1. Racing In The Street (6)
2. Thunder Road (1)
3. Promised Land (9)
4. Jungleland (2)
5. Adam Raised A Cain (45)
6. Born To Run (4)
7. Backstreets (3)
8. Spirit In The Night (30)
9. Incident on 57th Street (5)
10. Reason To Believe (55)
11. Gypsy Biker (n/a)
12. Land of Hope & Dreams (12)
13. American Land (n/a)
14. Better Days (71)
15. Wreck On The Highway (n/a)
16. Ramrod (60)
17. The River (8)
18. Kitty’s Back (26)
19. Factory (n/a)
20. The Rising (23)

While 8 of my favorite songs are amongst the Backstreets Top 10, I only have 4 other songs on my list that even crack the Top 30 of the Backstreets list. The remainder of my favorite songs are from the 40-70’s of the Backstreets list. I also list 4 songs that do not make the Backstreets Top 100 at all.

This was a hard thought process. How did I not list such songs as Rosalita, Badlands, NY City Serenade, 10th Ave. Freeze Out, Growin’ Up, Because The Night, and The Fever? List discipline!

5 thoughts on “List-o-mania: Favorite Bruce Springsteen Songs

  1. I had to have a top 12 because 2 of the songs I enjoyed immensely before I knew that he’d written them. Other than the first song and the last 2, the rest are in no particular order:

    Born To Run
    The Rising
    Dancing In The Dark
    Born In The USA
    Independence Day
    The River
    Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
    Blinded By The Light
    Because The Night


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