Blogging In Syracuse 2013: The Gems Among The Ishikoro

In the past, I’ve posted about the decline in the number of bloggers in Syracuse writing about our community (as opposed to national politics, Justin Bieber or “10 ways to get rich quick.”) The Japanese refer to abandoned blogs as ishikoro–pebbles.

Since 2010 and the near-death experience of losing NYCO’s Blog, the acknowledged hub of blogging about issues and life relating to our community, we’re reaching an equilibrium in the CNY blogosphere–different than before, but somewhat encouraging.

Despite the ease and simplicity of posting fluff on Facebook and Twitter (and I’m guilty of these crimes too!) there are interesting, well-written and rewarding blogs out there in the CNY blogosphere. Here are my favorites:

Rochelle Bilow has written in many different venues–from her column in the late Eagle newspaper about her experiences as a student at a culinary school and restaurant work in NYC to a written/video gig with the Post-Standard about cooking. But all along, her blog has contained the most wonderful and personal writing about food, CNY and her life. Rochelle is currently working on a local farm and helping to run a Community Supported Agriculture program. Given her welcoming prose style and the sheer variety of life experiences, I believe a published memoir can’t be far away.

Eat First is a blog from the former food editor of the Post Standard, Margaret McCormick. As you may imagine, this blog is exceedingly well-written and just a joy to read. While it is a food blog, it manages to be more than just a recipe and review spot. It really is, as its sub-title claims, a diary of a food-loving Central New Yorker. We’re lucky to be able to tag along with her on her adventures.

Josh Shear has started and stopped more sites than most bloggers I know–but what he writes is always worth reading. His most recent blogging experience, entitled “Utilizing Vision” is off to a rip-roaring start, as we see him transitioning from his job running a local gym and back into the world of online journalism with the new-look We never really know his full plans–but the insights he gives us on writing, community involvement, technology and life in general are so interesting that we keep coming back for more.

Syracuse Wiki is written by a local blogger/consultant/online savant Mitch Mitchell. Mitch’s main online presence is a series of successful blogs about management and leadership consulting. He is even more successful and personable when he is set loose on describing life in C.N.Y. This blog was born out of an idea to create a better Syracuse wiki page than the one that currently exists. But the idea wasn’t enough to interest enough people to get it going. That’s a good thing, because Mitch turned it into a personal examination of CNY’s community–businesses, restaurants, events, places to visit etc. Syracuse Wiki proves that we do not need static links to other sites when you can follow Mitch around and read his take on life in C.N.Y.

Life, Not Terribly Ordinary Beth’s life, as a pediatrician and a new mother, is certainly not ordinary and probably amazingly hectic. She is also an extremely thoughtful and interesting writer (and being an outspoken Red Sox fan certainly clinches the deal for me!)

Merry @ Syracuse The blogging proof that a picture is worth a thousand words. A daily entry of life in CNY (and she ranges quite a distance–not just the city) displays a unique look and a quick wit. A great overview of our environment–both natural and man-made. Remember–click to enlarge!

NY Kindling Just one post in 2012–but what a post. This is “NYCO’s Blog In Exile” and the December 2012 post entitled “They Must Have Been Sacrifices” is a good example of the voice and tone that NYCO brought to the CNY blogosphere. I know, I know–let it go. She’s even stopped commenting on my blog. Still . . .

Sean Kirst is the columnist for the Syracuse Post Standard and an early adopter of blogging. He is an elegant writer, a person with a sense of history and the dignity of everyday people. A lot of the blog posts are his columns in the paper–but also some of the shorter reflections that do not get published in the paper. Now that the local paper is going to only 3 days a week and placing an emphasis on online content, Sean will be considered more of a blogger than a columnist. All I know is that Sean is the one indispensable writer in CNY–regardless of format.

8 thoughts on “Blogging In Syracuse 2013: The Gems Among The Ishikoro

  1. phil – thanks for this. i often miss those kind of wonderful frontier days of blogging, pre-facebook, pre-twitter, back in the mid-2000s, when we all met at the fair … i would add that i appreciate, in a big way, YOUR voice, in addition to the many fine bloggers you list above. i’d also suggest syracuse b4, and i also think we agree on one major element: let’s keep making nyco feel guilty until she comes back!!! merry christmas! – sean (also, i DEFINITELY will be blogging more – that’s the whole emphasis – in the new phase with the paper &


  2. Alright, a mention! I’m glad to be a part of the local scene, even if there’s a lot of talk about restaurants and such. I hope to learn more and write more about central New York this year; let’s see how it goes. Love your stuff as well; I bet I’m your top commenter for the year. 🙂


    1. Mitch–you are definitely the #1 commenter on my blog. I’m look forward to reading your blog in the coming year–and I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet you offline this year.


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