“We Have To Get Scary”

I recently came across a quote from one of the leaders of a grassroots group in Pittsburgh that organizes to make sure that any public tax benefits to private corporations come with a Community Benefits Agreement (C.B.A.)

These agreements guarantee that the projects receiving civic largesse will provide in return jobs for low-income residents, environmental accountability and preferences for local businesses.

Talking about a recent demonstration, the neighborhood leader remarked:

We did good to get 120 out here today. That gets the politicians’ attention. But it’s 500 people that worries them and 1000 people that scares them. We have to get scary.

Then I came across a cartoon (an edited portion is below) from the cartoonist/blogger Brady Dale which is a more pragmatic/organizer-centric version of that massively overplayed Margaret Mead quote that everyone has read 8 million times. Juxtapose the two and I realize that:

1) my organizing needs to get scary.

2) that’s do-able.

Stay tuned . . .

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