Where I Go When I Can’t Take The B.S. Anymore

Sometimes, civic life just gets to be too much. The split between the obstructionist Republicans and the obsequious Democrats. The split between the self-righteous left and the corporate-toadie Democrats. The vitriol, posturing and pre-fab ideologies just makes me want to hide at times. During the middle of the debt-ceiling crisis last summer I found my refuge: sports talk radio!

After one too many times listening to ignorant Republicans trying to explain something they didn’t understand–followed up by craven Democrats willing to cut a deal by selling out their greatest achievements (Social Security and Medicare,) I punched the scan button and ended up on ESPN radio.

I found an entire sub-culture that has its own concerns, its own issues and its own language. The people involved on sports talk get just as wrapped up in the minutiae of the games as do the public affairs wonks in their realm. This allows me to dial up the sports and get lost in what is, once you take a step back, just a pleasant diversion.

I imagine things can get just as loopy on the sports talk radio, as in the public affairs world, but in the long run–it doesn’t really matter! Yeah, I want the Sox to win–but if they don’t, only the manager’s job is in jeopardy–not millions of poor folks. It’s only a game–and that’s just what I need.

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