“Albany! Prepare to be transformed!”

Those were Bruce’s first words after he took the stage–as the E Street Band filtered onstage to the theme from “The Magnificent Seven.” 25 songs, three tour premieres and a little under 3 hours later I was wandering, dazed, through the streets of Albany–pondering what I had just experienced.

(Bruce In Albany photo A.M. Saddler Backstreets.com)

I believe I helped Bruce fulfill his mission–as he also had said during his introduction:
“our mission remains the same … To make you wake up in the morning and say What the fuck happened to me?!”

I was given a melodic tribute to soul music. I saw a 62 year-old man wade into the middle of the GA crowd, take a fan’s beer & toss it back and then crowd surf back to the stage. I heard angry punk-like anthems designed to rouse the rabble against the modern day robber barons. I heard “forget it all and party hearty” tunes. I saw a 17 piece band rip through soul, gospel, celtic, rock and even rap. I was given the opportunity to mourn the loss of an important part of the E Street Nation. I was then given the opportunity to see the next generation step up and become an integral part of the band. I was surrounded by thousands of folks just as helplessly enthralled as I am–and I got to kiss my wife during Born To Run! As the man says: “It ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive!”

Setlist–hyperlinks to YouTube links from the 4/16/12 show.


We Take Care of Our Own

Wrecking Ball
Out in the Street
Death to My Hometown
My City of Ruins

Darlington County

Jack of All Trades

Murder Incorporated

Downbound Train

Shackled & Drawn
Waitin’ on a Sunny Day

The Promised Land

Apollo Medley Pt. 1
Apollo Medley Pt. 2
Janey Don’t You Lose Heart
The Rising

Lonesome Day

We Are Alive

Land of Hope and Dreams
Thunder Road

Rocky Ground (with Michelle Moore)

Born to Run

Dancing in the Dark

Tenth Avenue Freeze-out

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