Off To Case The Promised Land

“Let’s get one thing straight: These shows aren’t possible. I just don’t know how else to put it. Yes, as Bruce puts it in the main set’s penultimate song, our bodies may betray us in the end. And, I get it: he can’t promise us life everlasting. But he is delivering life, right now. He’s on that hill with everything he’s got. And the really good news is, he’s got a lot. The E Street Band is tighter than ever. Max Weinberg played last night like a man possessed. The “extra” players — horns, percussion and vocals — complemented the basic E Street sound seamlessly. The energy from the stage seemed boundless.”

review of Friday’s Bruce show in Buffalo from

Bronchitis be damned. I’m leaving in an hour w/ antibiotics, one of those little hospital masks and a powerful need to commune once again with the Tramps–’cause we were born to run! See y’all in the Land of Hope and Dreams–which tonight is located in Albany, N.Y.


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