Rock Festival Time Machine

My FB friend and the former dean of CNY bloggers, Ellen Edgerton posed an interesting question via Twitter recently:

In the banter back and forth came a suggestion for a new TV show: Rock Festival Time Machine. So what shows would I most want to see?

1. Sept. 19, 1978 Bruce Springsteen Capitol Theatre Passaic N.J. The 1978 Darkness tour was legendary for its intensity. This show was broadcast live on the radio in NYC and Philly, where a lonely freshman at UPenn listened on a crappy FM radio and a fan was born . . .

2. July 4, 1976 The Ramones, The Roundhouse London It may have been the U.S. Bicentennial, but punk in the UK was born on this date in London. The Ramones played in front of 3,000 folks–including future members of the Clash, Pistols, Stranglers etc.

3. August 17, 1969 Woodstock Woodstock Day 3 (Airplane, The Band, J. Winter, CSNY) Day 2 had more stars, but the Dead and the Who are open about how poorly their sets went. Of course, in retrospect, wouldn’t we all just go see Jimi on Day 4?

4. April 22, 1978 Bob Marley & others “One Love, One Peace” concert Kingston, Jamaica. Bob Marley and 15 other Jamaican Reggae bands put on a concert to bring a halt to the violence between the supporters of the two candidates for President of Jamaica. Marley was the target of an assassin the night before the concert–yet showed up and brought the two candidates together on stage to shake hands. Marley left Jamaica the next day and never returned.

5. October 19, 1977 Lynyrd Skynyrd Greenville, S.C. The final show. I would, of course, bring documentation of the crash with me and convince them to to fly commercial to their next gig in Baton Rouge.


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