Don’t Call On March 6th. I’ll Be Busy.

Bruce’s new album “Wrecking Ball” drops on Tuesday March 6th.

The video (with lyrics embedded into the picture) is out for the single “We Take Care Of Our Own.”

The track list has also been released–with a couple of live tunes getting their first studio treatment: “Wrecking Ball” a song that was written and performed for the final concerts held at the old Giants Stadium in 2009 and “Land of Hope & Dreams” a song that popped up on the 1999 reunion concert tour and the resulting live disc (and struck me as a more apt description of the 2008 Obama candidacy despite being written nearly a decade before.)

E Street Nation, baby!


One thought on “Don’t Call On March 6th. I’ll Be Busy.

  1. That’s also the day our new electronic medical record drops. Don’t call me either, as after work that day I’ll be home either laying down in a dark room underneath a mountain of blankets to get rid of my migraine or rocking silently in a corner.

    Enjoy the new Bruce!


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