Towards a Better 2012 . . .

If I can accomplish the following, my upcoming year should be happier and less stressful. I guess you’d call these resolutions.

get completely soaked in the rain

swim in the ocean, a lake, a river and a pool

paddle a kayak

shoot hoops in the driveway

drink water instead of soda

lose weight

ride my bike

make new friends

read books rather than watch TV

build a snowman

visit a zoo, an art gallery and a museum

go to a rock concert

attend a baseball, basketball, baseball and a hockey game

bake a cake

donate to charity

go on a picnic

2 thoughts on “Towards a Better 2012 . . .

  1. I’m with you on the losing weight & going to a ballgame, the second of which I did this year. I hate rain, don’t know how to swim, don’t eat outside, did give to charity so I guess I have to count that one, and went to both an art gallery & museum this year so I can say “been there, done that”. lol


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