Let There Be Rock (In Ithaca, N.Y.) The Drive-By Truckers

This is the setlist for the show last night–with links to live versions of each song from past shows via You Tube. If I didn’t see y’all at the Rock Show–here’s the next best thing. Crank it up for your very own Alabama Ass Whuppin’.

1. Used To Be A Cop
2. Self Destructive Zones
3. The Fireplace Poker
4. 72 (This Highway’s Mean)
5. The Righteous Path
6. A Ghost To Most
7. Goode’s Field Road
8. Where The Devil Don’t Stay
9. Go-Go Boots
10. Birthday Boy
11. This Fuckin’ Job
12. Get Downtown
13. Dead, Drunk, and Naked
14. Guitar Man Upstairs
15. The Company I Keep
16. Uncle Frank
17. Hell No, I Ain’t Happy
18. 3 Dimes Down
19. Lookout Mountain
20. Zip City
21. Let There Be Rock
22. Marry Me
23. Mercy Buckets
24. Shut Up and Get On The Plane


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