The Baseball Hall of Fame Inductions Were Boring This Year. Just Wait!

The brilliant Joe Posnanski* notes that EVERYONE will be talking about the 2013 baseball Hall of Fame elections: Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa all become eligible. It will sort out what everyone feels about the steroid era.

* I could save a lot of time and effort just by reposting Joe on baseball and Springsteen!

For me 2013 will be less about steroids and more about whether Curt Schilling of the Sox makes it in. C’mon! Remember the bloody sock? Stitching ankle tendons to ankle bone? The best post-season pitcher EVER! Posnanski seems to think that Schilling will be one of those players that slowly accrues more votes and eventually makes it in. If that’s the case–make it 2015 guys. That’s when Pedro Martinez is a dead lock 1st ballot inductee. C’mon Cooperstown–half of Red Sox Nation will descend on upstate NY for that one!

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