Public Art That Doesn’t Suck

Public art in Syracuse has largely been a huge disappointment. A weird metal couch by the entrance to Rt. 690. Hubcaps stacked onto poles (supposedly a totem). The plastic horses “on parade”. Now we finally have something that might be worthwhile, thought provoking and have some relation to the town we all live in:

arterie is an attempt to physically mark out an area where the Erie Canal once dominated our city, attract attention to the Erie Canal museum and tie into the downtown Arts & Crafts Festival at the end of July.

One thought on “Public Art That Doesn’t Suck

  1. Yeah, it’s sort of like Christo, Jr. I kind of like the idea (although I think most people understand where the canal was anyway…)

    Allow me this space to rant some more about public art. As you know, I hate the metal couch. But I hate the horses on parade even more, simply because it’s copycat art. I’d love to know why Syracuse is such a copycat city. Any time some other city does something cool, it takes five years for Syracuse to catch on and laboriously put on their own version.

    Now let me turn to the public poetry. Have you seen the new connective corridor buses with their meaningless haiku referring to Syracuse’s allegedly vibrant downtown scene? Not so much poetry, as incantations of mumbo-jumbo designed to magically summon a reality that doesn’t exist.

    OK, I think I’m done.


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