Close The Weinergate

Things I think have a higher priority than Congressional crotch shots on Twitter–a non-exhaustive list. (feel free to add your own):

Arab Spring democracy movement
settlements in West Bank
Hamas/Fatah alliance
home foreclosures
school reform
achievement gap between white and African-American/Latino students
reducing problems connected to substance abuse
vacant houses in Syracuse
when is Bruce going to tour again?
Red Sox/Yankees series
Destiny deal w/ SIDA
ethics reform in NYS Legislature
pairing passage of NYC rent control laws w/ 2% property tax cap state-wide
marriage equity in NY
hydrofracking moratorium
what am I going to make for dinner tonight?
can I get my lawn mowed in this heat?
a nice cool glass of lemonade
fundraising for my non-profit agency
upcoming family vacation
why did all the places we normally visit in Canada all vote Conservative in last election?–odd
why can’t Soundgarden track down the new NRBQ album for me?
Dunkin’ Donuts v. Tim Horton’s iced coffee–discuss
political redistricting after 2010 Census
that strange noise I heard my car make this morning
still miss NYCO’s blog
my new Kindle
gotta drop some weight
reducing street crime in Syracuse
regulating gun sales in USA
best show on TV? “Parks & Recreation”
creating an economic development policy in Syracuse that delivers good jobs
Elizabeth Warren appointed head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
crack down on problem corner stores in Syracuse
Greek and Polish Fests this weekend!
best new productivity app.: Work Flowy
extend “millionaire’s tax” surcharge in NYS
why did Hangover Part 2 suck so bad–yet make more money than original?
USDA says eat 50% fruits & veggies–yet gives 60% of farm subsidies to meat & dairy
should I upgrade to Mac Lion OS?
my dental appointment next week
spending more time with my family while being more productive at work
close Guantanamo Bay
release America’s political prisoner Pvt. Bradley Manning
help those in Alabama, Missouri, Massachusetts and elsewhere recovering from tornado damage
be nicer to people
return that video to Blockbuster before I get late fees . . .

just the first 50.


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  1. That’s pretty thorough but a few of corrections are in order. 1. Parks & Rec is the 2nd best show, after 30 Rock (and Modern Family nearly edged it out). 2. Why has nobody opened a late-night doughnut shop called Drunkin Donuts? 3. Dropkick Blockbuster and get Netflix, silly.


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