In Other Super-Cool CNY Blogosphere News . . .

Check out George Rossi’s blog, the newest addition to my blogroll: Little Georgie’s Blog-A-Thon. Y’all of course know him as the force of nature behind Little Georgie and the Shuffling Hungarians, bringing New Orleans-style blues, R & B, funk, rock to our frosty little burg. The only fun New Year’s Eve celebration I ever spent was at Styleen’s Rhythm Palace with my wife (then fiance) and a 3 hour, no-breaks throw down.

Georgie is as impressive behind a computer keyboard as he is behind a piano keyboard–writing on such diverse topics such as opposition to hydrofracking, the state of the music biz. and check this . . . he’s dog people, too! He’s starting to write a lot more and unleash some tidbits of Hungarian-iana on us–hence this shout out. My blogroll just got a lot cooler.


2 thoughts on “In Other Super-Cool CNY Blogosphere News . . .

  1. Those are very kind words. Thank you! Since starting my new project of writing 365 consecutive blogs (The Daily Dose) 28 days ago “Little Georgie’s Blogothon” has received over 8500 page views…I don’t know if that’s good or not, but I wouldn’t have gotten them without people like you putting it in their respective blog rolls. I really appreciate the gesture. Best, Gio


  2. George:

    Your Daily Dose is a great project. Some of the writing is just breathtaking. The story of your little league experience (esp. w/ the coach’s drunken, bigoted wife) was both insightful and inspiring. It should be mandatory reading for anyone attempting to work with children. Thanks again–and I’ll be reading!


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