Josh Shear Has A New Blog!

I’ve written before about ishikoro. The Japanese word for pebbles is also their term for abandoned blogs. Even good blogs run out of steam ( e. g.: good luck to the authors behind my favorite music blog, Auto Tunes!)

So it’s a great day to note the beginning of a new blog on my blogroll, by CNY social media maven Josh Shear. It’s titled Getting Josh Fit and is about his recent efforts to overcome the weight gain etc. that overtook him after college graduation and changed him from a high school athlete into . . . well, I always thought he was in relatively good shape, but then I’m the absolute last person to judge anyone’s fitness (I think I’m out of breath just from having to type this long a sentence.)

It’s a great collection so far of discussions about books to read, nutrition and even workout tunes! I agree w/ Josh–it’s hard enough to get to the gym and torture your body through strenuous exercise, to then be forced to listen to Katy Perry and Nickelback.


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