Top 10 Perfectly Legal (Yet Morally Dubious) Ways To Raise Money For The City of Syracuse.

While Seneca Falls is hoping to increase tourism and generate more revenue by claiming to be the inspiration for movie director Frank Capra’s fictional Bedford Falls in the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life,” the city of Syracuse is following the development model seen by the fictional George Bailey after being granted his wish of never having been born–the good times city of Pottersville.

Despite having been voted down several times over the past years, the Onondaga County legislature is again considering whether to allow an Off Track Betting franchise to set up shop in the county–with the actual betting parlor to be located in the city of Syracuse. The Mayor has even indicated that the city will attempt to go it alone if the County again refuses to pursue off track betting.

Mayor Miner forcefully stated her position on OTB at an April 28th talk at S.U.’s Thursday Morning Roundtable. (no link available.) The city is in dire financial straits. Playing the ponies is a legal activity, regardless of how anyone may feel about the morality of gambling. The city of Syracuse should be allowed to profit from any legal activity–after all we collect sales tax on booze and tobacco.

With the Mayor’s reasoning in mind, this humble blogger would like to offer the following 10 perfectly legal, yet morally dubious ways, to generate revenue for the city of Syracuse:

10) Friday Night is Vegas Night at City Hall!

9) Write term papers for desperate college students.

8) Scalp tickets to local cultural and sporting events.

7) Late Night @ City Hall XXX webcam.

6) Official city of Syracuse-brand drug paraphernalia.

5) New city department: Parks and Rec. Bar & Grill. Brew pubs in every city park.

4) City of Syracuse Erotic Film Festival. Lure annual porn video awards to the OnCenter.

3) Toll booths on Rt. 81 and other major thoroughfares.

2) When mobsters do it, it’s called the numbers. When a city does it, it’s called Lotto!

1) New Property & Conservation Code requirement: all public toilets–coin operated!

One thought on “Top 10 Perfectly Legal (Yet Morally Dubious) Ways To Raise Money For The City of Syracuse.

  1. Now that’s some funny stuff, especially how #8 came out. I guess OTB is off the table again for the county, so it would be interesting to see if Miner could push it through. I’m pulling for #10 though. lol


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