A Central European Wegmans–In Canada

During a recent trip to Toronto, we made our annual pilgrimage to the best grocery store this German-American/Polish family has ever seen: Starsky’s in Mississauga, Ontario.

(Click on photos for larger image.)

The kielbasa/ham/salami counter is the size of a football field. The store encourages you to sample everything–a sign over the counter screams “Free samples–just ask!” They also put out self-serve sample plates with toothpicks about every three feet. The prepared food section serves up hot pierogi, potato pancakes, schnitzels and golumpki. Fresh half-sour pickles come in barrels. Because they carry over 600 varieties of cheese, I’m even able to buy Wensleydale (shout out to all my Wallace and Grommit peeps!) The chleb (bread) is fresh baked. The pastries can put you into a diabetic coma just by walking by the display case.

The store emphasizes its cosmopolitan style–the employee name tags also include a “Languages Spoken” line, with lots of Polish, German, Russian, Ukrainian mixed in with the English, French and Spanish. Also–dig the shot of the old German cash register–counting in marks and pfennig! Toronto is a major metropolis with an amazing array of things to do–but I’m sure of only one activity when I go to Toronto!


One thought on “A Central European Wegmans–In Canada

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