New Times Stealth Photo Of Bruce & “The Other Band”

Look closely at the picture above, from the cover of the Syracuse New Times April 20-27. The photo on the bottom left hand side of the page is an uncredited
Bruce Springsteen playing the Carrier Dome in 1992. The picture on the cover shows (L-R) Tommy Sims, bass: Shane Fontayne, guitar, Bruce and partially obscured Crystal Taliefero, guitar, vocals

The article, entitled “Metrospective” is a look at some photographs taken by the New Times’ longtime photographer Michael Davis. The article has pictures divided into several categories–religious leaders, cemeteries, Oil City, natural areas, boxing. Even though you see Bruce on the cover, there are no more pictures of him inside. The article instead has some (admittedly) cool photos in a section dedicated to the Rolling Stones concert at the Carrier Dome in November 1981 (a show I was lucky to see while on Thanksgiving break from college.) The cover photo of Bruce is not identified in any way, nor referred to in the article.

The show, November 13, 1992, was with “The Other Band”–not the E Streeters. This was the tour to promote the Human Touch/Lucky Town albums , released simultaneously in March of 1992. During this period Bruce was in the midst of a distinct mid-life crisis: he had broken up the E Street Band, divorced his first wife, gone into therapy, suffered his first bout of writer’s block, remarried and had his first child. The two albums were a mixed bag, although Lucky Town is more spirited than Human Touch–an album that Springsteen admitted contained many songs written as songwriter exercises to break through the writer’s block.

I had great seats for the show–in the front row of the second section of floor seats–and Bruce still worked as hard as ever. I always remember the show for two songs–“Better Days” has the lyric “I got a new suit of clothes and a pretty red rose/a woman I can call my friend.” At the same time as this song came out I had just fallen in love with my (now) wife Beata–and she was standing next to me at her first Bruce show. The other thing I remember is Beata, an appreciative Bruce fan, but no fanatic like her (now) husband, continually asking me when Bruce was going to play his song that sounded like horses. I couldn’t figure out what song she was referring to, but when “Born To Run” was unleashed and she started jumping up and down and screaming I figured it out!

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