Molly Announces Her Presence With Authority!

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Molly patrols our yard, keeping all stray squirrels at bay. She is fighting some medical issues but, like the squirrels, her health will not get the best of Molly!


2 thoughts on “Molly Announces Her Presence With Authority!

  1. molly doesn’t react to verbal cues from us, but she sits on the LR couch staring out the picture window at the backyard, awaiting any trace of bushy-tailed invaders. Chloe, a poodle my family had when I was in my teens would react to the verbal cue squirrel! She would race to the door, sneak out slowly, crouch down low and stalk the squirrel, wait until the squirrel was just far enough away not to be able to catch–then chase after them.


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