2011 “To Be Read” Pile Reading Challenge

Adam at the Roof Beam Reader blog has created the To Be Read Pile Challenge (TBR Pile 2011):

Here is my list of 12 books, from my “to be read” pile, that I will read over the next year:

Rule of the Bone–Russell Banks
Yiddish Policeman’s Union–Michael Chabon
Lord Jim–Joseph Conrad
The Corrections–Jonathan Franzen
The Fortress of Solitude–Jonathan Lethem read my review here.
Wise Blood–Flannery O’Connor read my review here.
Pudd’nhead Wilson–Mark Twain
The Count of Monte Cristo–Alexandre Dumas
The God of Small Things–Arundhati Roy
In Dubious Battle–John Steinbeck
Return Of The Native–Thomas Hardy
Herzog–Saul Bellow

After I have completed reading a book, I will add a hypertext link to the list above, taking you to my review of the book.

Those completing the challenge are eligible for a prize, but starting this process is enough for me. I have a habit of buying books and then never getting around to reading them. I’m always on to something else and some titles fall through the cracks. One of my goals this year is to put a big dent in the unread books in my collection. There are currently over 100. These twelve fiction books will start me off well on my larger goal. The majority of the books I own that remain unread fall into the social science/public policy realm–with a smattering of travel, history and biographies as well. Reading fiction will be a good way to ease into this project, less intimidating and more entertaining. Growing up I read more literary fiction than anything else, but since college I’ve focused on non-fiction.

Anyway . . .

My choice to kick off this challenge is: “Fortress Of Solitude” by Jonathan Lethem.

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