The good folks over at Auto Tunes are in the midst of YSYWAR week (You Say You Want A Resolution.) They are taking stock of their blog and their musical needs and making some resolutions on how they will proceed over the next year. While I love reading their posts, the post opining a need for more show tunes in one of the bloggers’ lives sent a chill down my spine–the “Glee-ification” of America continues apace. Man, even Ben Folds got dragged into the Big Sing Off a cappella TV show (a perfectly decent rocker who once started a break-up song off with the lyric: “the bitch went nuts . . .”)

Still, the occasional Glee or show tune post is a small price to pay for one of my favorite interwebz reads. I was going to duplicate the music resolution idea over here, but all I could come up with was “listen to more Bruce Springsteen.”

I’ve done the resolution thing before and like most I’ve concentrated on losing weight (thank God I never picked up the smoking habit.) The best I can say is that I tried. Resolutions do not work because they are too either/or–you are either perfect or a failure. So this year I’m not doing resolutions, I’m doing suggestions, along the lines of “Do a better job of . . .”

So, in 2011:

1) Eat in ways that make you feel better about yourself:
Short term: When you eat crap, you end up feeling nauseated. Long term: When you eat poorly, you do not have as much energy to do things. Do a better job of thinking about what you eat and how it will make you feel.

2) listen to more Bruce Springsteen
Actually, do a better job of listening to music. When I had less sophisticated music technology, I enjoyed my music more and listened to a wider variety of tunes. You had to play a cassette all the way through to get to the hit. It was a pain to pick up and replace a stereo needle on a record at a specific song. Now I play shuffle roulette and listen to only a fraction of the music I actually have access to. My stats for songs played in 2010 on my iTunes are actually skewed ’cause a song only registers as played if you listen all the way through–my trigger finger and growing musical ADD wouldn’t even let me finish most songs before I was off somewhere else. Listen to entire albums on your ipod instead of shuffling through songs. Dig out the CD’s and listen on your stereo.

3) don’t be such a dick . . .
It was a bad year–poor health, bad economy, a rightward lurch in the politics of my city, state and country. Do a better job of not letting these setbacks curdle your mood, your relations and your outlook. Do you want to end up like the Dana Carvey character on SNL, the old guy whining about how much better things were back in the day? As I turn the corner on my first half-century, I even found myself muttering as I wrote out my last property tax bill and put it in the envelope. C’mon–you’re better than that. You still love rock & roll, you are anything but a curmudgeon–even your job allows you to fight the good fight against evil conservative misanthropes. As Woody Allen’s character in Hannah & Her Sisters remarks when he has his epiphany about life and his depressive/suicidal tendencies: “hey, it’s not all a drag.”

Also, as Doonesbury’s Zonker Harris once ruminated: It was a kidney stone of a decade–but this too shall pass!

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