The Kirst Curse? Snowmaggedon ’10

As everyone around here knows, Syracuse has been a (blizzard hellhole) winter wonderland the past few days–we’re up to 43 inches, setting many records along the way for amount of snow. This is nothing new to CNY. For the past few years Syracuse has won the Golden Snowball, a competition for the most snow amongst five upstate cities. We get a lot of snow, but lately it’s been in more of the tortoise variety–“slow and steady wins the race.” We haven’t had huge storms, we just have small amounts all the time.

This year has started out differently. Big dumps for several days in a row. 25% of our annual total in a week.

Why the change? I blame Syracuse Post-Standard columnist Sean Kirst. This year Sean penned several columns and blog posts about how we were having a second consecutive year with huge lag times between measurable snow fall.

Thanks Sean! Call the snow gods lazy. Poke the bear with a stick. Now look what we’ve gotten ourselves into. I’d tell you to go run into the storm . . . but you already have!


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  1. so i should hardly dare to whisper that for the past two years, our snow has stopped right now – the final days of february – and we’ve had mild and snowless marches and aprils.

    and don’t look now, but it’s going up to 46 by tuesday,



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