Why Politicians Do Not Fight For The Unemployed


Ezra Klein in the Washington Post shows graphically what we have all suspected, politicians don't really care about the problems faced by low-income folks because low income folks do not vote.  

In this graph, the unemployment rates are broken down by levels of education and compared with the percentage of the electorate each group represents (as well as the percentage of the overall population.)   

Folks with a high school diploma or less made up less than 20% of the electorate in 2010, even though they make up slightly over 45% of the nation’s population.  

Folks with a college degree made up 51% of the electorate, even though they make up 25% of the nation’s population.  

Is it any wonder that even though the folks with a high school diploma or less, despite facing roughly twice the rate of unemployment of folks with some college education, do not see politicians rallying to their cause?  Wonder why there is little support in Congress for extending unemployment insurance while reducing taxes for the most well off is considered a priority?  Just look at the graph. 


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