Clot Boy Redux

So, in case you’ve been wondering, I haven’t deliberately stopped updating my blog. I’ve spent 13 of the past 19 days in both Crouse and St. Joes, providing employment stability for a raft of doctors, nurses, CAT scan operators, phlebotomists and a whole bunch of other folks in our town’s vaunted “ed’s and med’s” sector.

A deliberate, if now seemingly misguided, attempt by my doctors to deal with an unrelated medical problem by stopping my blood thinner regimen definitely backfired. The result–another pulmonary embolism with a side helping of deep vein thrombosis. I’ve spent days unable to sleep, hooked up to blood thinners by IV and by pill, confined to a bed, being drained of various amounts of blood up to four times a day, all in an attempt to dissipate the clots that have developed in my lungs and behind both knees–the same Three Stooges that threatened my life back in 2006.

I did write down a whole bunch of fever dream-like thoughts during this time. After getting some much needed sleep I’ll see if any are worth throwing up here. God I’m glad to be home!


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