Office Pool

At work, we usually have an office pool for major events–Super Bowls, elections mainly.  Since we only have three employees the prize is always the same–large EBA (everything but anchovies) pizza from local pie master Pizzaz Pizza on South Ave.  Winner doesn’t pay.

This is our newest event.  The PEACE, Inc  bus garage next door to our office recently did some renovations to their building.  For some unknown reason, they decided to paint the entire exposed side of their bus garage a bright white.  The same side of the building that is totally open to anyone, particularly anyone with an aerosol paint can.  Just walk right up and give us your best shot.

Our pool is for the first piece of graffiti.  The finishing touches on the wall went up yesterday 7/29 at about 3 P.M.  It survived overnight.  I have this coming Saturday in the pool.  I’ll let you know . . .

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