All Blogging Is Local, July 2010

OK, it’s time to stop whining about the incredible shrinking Syracuse blogosphere (what with all the incursions from Twitter and Facebook) and time to start highlighting the best stuff that’s being blogged about in Syracuse. I’ll try to do this monthly. Here goes:

Mitch Mitchell from “I’m Just Sharing” steers away from his bread and butter about social media and internet marketing to ask the rather intriguing question: “is 50 the new 40?” Someone else I know is in the same boat–just sayin’. Like the Sox shirt in the picture!

Scott Thomas has an amazing photoblog Views Infinitum. He recently caught two bighorn sheep at Rosamond Gifford Zoo in full head-butting action. Check out the look on one of the sheep after the encounter.

Melis at Wandering Through Syracuse trains her artist’s eye (and camera) on an interesting slice of downtown Syracuse.

Lonnie Chu at Walkable Eastwood writes movingly on the strength we all derive from our neighbors and the need in these times of downsizing governments to be purposeful in our support of each other.

Syracuse B-4 continues her amazing examination of the future of our town by drawing lessons from our past (and her ability to raid the Syracuse newspaper’s archives). In her post July 7, 1940 she notes that our current celebration of new chain restaurants is akin to the newspaper’s participation in a contest to name Syracuse’s most typical family in a nationwide promotion of the world’s Fair in NYC.

Josh Shear (at his eponymous blog) promotes himself as “a blogger, web designer, social media strategist and SEO based in Syracuse, NY. He enjoys good coffee, living local, and the Red Sox.” Josh hits almost all these topics in a couple of posts on local coffee shops and local bars where you can live, work and socialize–while promoting the local economy (and presumably) catch the Sox game.

Rochelle Bilow at her eponymous blog writes about family, memories and the importance of food in our lives in a post entitled Blackbird Tart Since she recently returned to Syracuse from a stint in NYC for culinary school and restaurant jobs, most posts come with a recipe, too! I don’t know which I like more–the writing or the food.

Sean Kirst, the columnist and blogger for the newspaper made me audibly gasp and teary-eyed while reading this post about a a local softball team playing in memory of a fallen teammate. It is no wonder why Sean is an award-winning journalist and writer.

Brian Cubbison, the web guru for the Post Standard writes on his blog Future News about the Syracuse Nationals hot rod event, declaring his love for the random moments of beauty Syracusans are treated to when we see one of the cars rolling around town.

Last, but not least, Ellen Edgerton at NYCO’s Blog writes a long and tightly reasoned post about the recent flurry of attention over Native American sovereignty in the wake of the Haudenosaunee’s aborted attempt to travel on their own passports to the World lacrosse championships in England. “Is it possible that the official, black-and-white, cut-and-dried American motto ‘Out of many, one’ is actually ‘Out of many… still several?’ “

6 thoughts on “All Blogging Is Local, July 2010

  1. Mitch–that’s the idea! Loved your post since I hit the same milestone this year. Decided to stop wondering where all the good ‘Cuse blogging is and go find it. If there are people I should check out–please let me know.


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