Bruce Day 2010

“London Calling–Live In Hyde Park” dropped today, a 2 disc DVD covering an entire concert from last summer. I have only been able to watch the first half of the first disc on an extended lunch hour–but I was incredibly impressed.

First impressions:

1) The live outdoor festival-like setting put close to 100K people in the park. It’s amazing to see the London crowd’s reactions–the “woah. woah, woahs” during Badlands, turning Out In The Street into a sing along, the massive waving of arms overhead during Working On A Dream. Hard to believe that both Spanish and Italian crowds are considered even more hardcore! Lame ass Americans aren’t even close.

2) Bruce can still shred on guitar–he has impressive guitar heroics on both London Calling and Seeds. Feh to all the haters who claim sixty year olds can’t rock. Watch these clips and tell Sting to shove his lute and his orchestral accompaniment where the sun don’t shine.

3) Nils Lofgren’s solo turn on Youngstown is breathtaking. The pain and anguish of the song’s lyrics are made palpable through the guitar. It left me in tears.

4) The signs! Has there ever been a better way to get the audience involved then for Bruce to saunter through the GA pit plucking homemade signs requesting folks’ favorite songs?

5) I still don’t like the song Outlaw Pete! Huge crowd reaction and beautiful photography notwithstanding.

6) I’ve only seen 12 out of the 30 songs from the two discs–still to come: No Surrender w/ special Guest Brian Fallon of the Gaslight Anthem, Rosalita came out in London!, the moving Hard Times–adapted from a song by Stephen Foster, extras like Wrecking Ball from his Giants Stadium show and The River from the Glastonbury Festival the day before the Hyde Park show (where the steam literally rises from Bruce’s body) and my all time favorite–Racing In The Street!


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