Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins Really Dislikes Syracuse

Sally Jenkins is a talented sportswriter, having written for Sports Illustrated and now for the Washington Post. She was also the writer of Lance Armstrong’s as-told-to bestseller “It’s Not About The Bike.”

She was in Syracuse on Monday to watch Washington National-to-be phenom Stephen Strasburg pitch for the Chiefs as he preps for his major league debut. I was at the same game, taking some photos, marveling at the 13,000+ crowd and reveling in the warm weather.

Sally wrote an article about her experience for the Washington Post, entitled “For Stephen Strasburg, control is rarely an issue.” in which she lionizes the young pitcher, but slams Syracuse and its baseball operation.

She hated the stadium, the train outside the outfield wall, the light poles, the cattails beyond centerfield, the tinny loudspeaker, the promotions, even the fluorescent light and rickety chair Strasburg sat in during his interviews after the game. She wrote about her experience in the “semi-primitive” world of AAA baseball.

Here’s my comment on the web edition of the aforementioned article:

I attended the same game in Syracuse on Monday and also truly enjoyed watching Mr. Strasburg pitch. I will be able to say “I saw him when . . .”

As for your uncharitable descriptions of Syracuse and its baseball operations, all I can say is that one person’s “semi-primitive” podunk is another’s homespun Americana. I love the train whistles, cattails and the affordable seats in the cinderblock and tin roof stadium. I pity those that cannot see the beauty of minor league baseball, humble as it might be.

We wish that Mr. Strasburg could stay here longer, but we will still have baseball in Syracuse when he leaves. The quality has improved markedly in the two years since the Chiefs signed up with the Nats. Come back anytime! The superdog’s on me!

PS: the local paper put a link to your article on its website–hence all the Syracuse-centric comments. Yeah–we even get the interwebs out here in the sticks!

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