April Showers Bring May Flowers–Red Sox Edition

At the beginning of this month, Red Sox beat writer for the Boston Globe Peter Abraham posted this on the paper’s blog: “Road to ruin or recovery?” The basic gist of the piece–by the end of May, after playing 20 out of 23 games against pennant contenders, we’ll know whether the Sox (at the time an anemic 11-14) would be viable contenders for the playoffs.

The schedule:

May 3-6 Angels (4-0)
May 7-9 Yankees (1-2)
May 10-12 Blue Jays (2-1)
May 14-16 at Tigers (1-2)
May 17-18 at Yankees (1-1)
May 19-20 Twins (2-0)
May 21-23 at Philadelphia (2-1)
May 24-26 at Tampa Bay (3-0)

For those of you scoring at home: that’s a 16-7 record, a .695 winning percentage. Sweeps of division leading Tampa Bay (major league victory leaders) and Minnesota, 2 out of 3 against division leading Philadelphia.

Abraham wrote: “Come May 27, the season will be 30 percent over and the Sox will know whether they are contenders or frauds.”

Contenders, baby! It’s STILL a Red Sox Nation.


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