Upstate/Downstate Schism Widens

In a March 27th op-ed piece in the New York Times, a professor at NYU named Mitchell Moss urged NY State to allow “towns with a proud past but no discernible future to fade away.”

In a piece bereft of any analysis of any kind, be it statistical, demographic or political, Professor Moss decides that upstate has only a handful of towns worth saving.

I am intrigued by the whole notion of the genesis of this op-ed piece. It is so short and so lacking in any kind of rigorous academic argument, the entire piece is little more than one of those blowhard letter-to-the editor pieces you encounter in the Post-Standard that wishes that upstate would stop supporting all the welfare cheats and illegal immigrants downstate and formed its own new and pristine state.

Why waste valuable space in the NY Times on such drivel?


One thought on “Upstate/Downstate Schism Widens

  1. Josh S

    I agree. Not all, or even most, things NYU are fit to print. That guy is completely, as you say, bereft of any sort of intelligent thought.

    I may as well, under his logic, tell NYC it needs to both feed and provide drinking water for itself, or die.

    At least he saved me the time of having to wade through his high-powered, funded studies that supported his inanity.


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