Now that Lent is over . . .

A friend hipped me to this link verifying that Lent ends after Mass on Holy Thursday. So my penance has been served.

This year, I decided to give up my blinding hatred for the Yankees for Lent. All during Spring Training I said nice things about the Bronx Bombers–only once did I slip, when I turned a bunch of Yankees hats around backwards in a display at Target.

It actually was a pretty cool thing to do. It allowed me to analyze the reasons for my hatred (a childhood of being harassed by Yankee fan friends, the horrible 1978 one game playoff and Bucky “F@?$#ing” Dent) and move forward. After all, this is a new time. The Sox have won twice as many World series as the Yanks in the new millennium and we are competitive every year. This is the golden age of Red Sox baseball.

It also let me converse with Yankee fans as fellow baseball fans rather than as rivals. Just yesterday, a person working for the phone company came into our office to do some minor repairs. He was wearing a Yankees jacket and I was wearing my Sox hat. Instead of getting into some sort of fight, we started talking about baseball. he mentioned that his great-grandfather played for the NY Giants baseball team in the deadball era from 1887 to 1899.

We looked up “Silent” Mike Tiernan on the web, found a replica of his old baseball card and discovered that he led the National League (then the only major league) in homers in both 1890 and 1891.

Much better than the usual back and forth about how evil the Yankees are. Who knows, maybe I’ll continue this policy (at least until some Yankee fan starts up with the wisecracks again.) Opening Day is 2 days and 10 hours away–against the Yankees in Fenway Park. Go Sox!

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