My Bones Can Forecast Rain Too!

Probably not the most original of observations, indeed it fits right into the “You know you’re old when . . .” meme that you can probably buy on a coffee mug somewhere–but here it goes.

Driving to work today (which granted only takes about five minutes) I was scanning the radio dial for some tunes because pledge month is interrupting Morning Edition on NPR. I fell onto the “oldies” station and they were just finishing up “These Eyes” by the Guess Who–an album I wore out during my senior year of college. Still a little older than me, since I had dug it out of the bargain bin of Plastic Fantastic (RIP) in Philly. But then the announcer came on and gave a preview of the songs coming up–stuff by Chicago, The Knack (RIP Doug Fieger), Greg Kihn–all stuff right in my late 70’s wheelhouse. All now considered oldies. Sigh.

It gets worse. I’m shopping at Wegman’s with my wife the other day and realized that all the songs on the store’s intercom were from my era, as well–Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Temptations (a little older than me) and the Knack again. As a kid, we always made fun of the oldies tunes and Muzak that stores and such played–so much Mantovani and Herb Alpert and Streisand. So am I getting older or is public music getting cooler?


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