All Is Right In The World

Both Syracuse basketball and lacrosse are ranked # 1 in the country

art by Joe Glisson Syracuse New Times


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  1. OK, OK—I still want health care reform, an end to the two wars, a solution to the foreclosure crisis, the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency, a Land bank in Syracuse to deal with the increasing number of vacant houses, a reduction in violent street crime in my southside neighborhood and my first pay increase in ten years so I can afford to get my house painted this spring.

    Satisfied? : )

    Unfortunately, a lot of those things are pipe dreams (especially my raise!)

    However, the number 1 rankings are tangible things–if perhaps fleeting (SU lax plays # 2 UVA on the road this weekend and hoops is looking ahead to a road game at Louisville, a team that’s had our number recently.) I’ve been rooting for both of these teams for a good long time–the simultaneous rankings are a spectacular thing.

    I know that far too much emphasis is placed on spectator sports in this country and that colleges often distort their academic mission to provide bread and circuses to the townies–but the Orange’s success this year has been a major boost to the attitudes of many folks in this town–creating a sense of community spirit that is noticeably lacking in C.N.Y.

    I see the worst things in our community on a daily basis–crime, poverty, neglect, racism, institutional indifference to suffering, a crumbling housing stock, deteriorating public infrastructure, trash and debris, poor city services. I need something to give me both the equanimity to make it through the day and the enthusiasm to pursue solutions to what may be insoluble problems.

    I need the Orange’s success. Even Barack Obama has been a disappointment for me. Please let me have this, if only for a moment.


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